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My Skin has been breaking out and non of my normal products seem to be working anymore. Is there anything I can do to change this?

Stop using everything and wash your face with warm water and                         use a light moisturizer for one week or until your skin begins to talk to you. Then slowly begin to cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin according to how it feels. Allow your skin to tell you how it really feels, do not over load it. Make sure the products you are using are formulated for the type of skin you have; If you have oily skin you should not use face cream that is made for dry skin. The same goes for your cleansers and toners.

Breaking out in dry patches? Your skin needs hydration. Drink plenty of water and use aloe or cucumber as a mask to re-hydrate your skin. You can also use a light exfoliant scrub and then a mask for at least 15min and finally moisturize. 

Breaking out in acne? Use a toner formulated for oily skin throughout the day. Exfoliate 2-3 times a week.

Hormones can be a factor in why this is happening so look at any medications you take or life changes that can be contributing to hormone imbalances.

Stress is another thing that can contribute to this so re-focus your energy into positive things if needed.

I have very oily skin and acne for days, I have been using witch hazel and saw a great result at first but now My skin seems to be very dry in some places and looking dull. I thought witch hazel was good for oily skin....? Advise?


Witch hazel can be good for oily skin but in moderation. It has probably taken too much oil out of your skin and this is why you are getting dry patches. Balance is the key once you notice you have balance back then you can scale back on Witch hazel.Once your skin is in balance only use once or twice a week or as you notice it is needed.Also look for products that have witch hazel in them instead of using just witch hazel. Exfoliating the skin is good for oily skin because it gets rid of access oil sitting on top of the skin. To help with the dry patches try                                . It is a balancing oil so it will restore the moisture to your dry skin without creating extra oil.

 Do I need toner and why?

Yes you need toner.

Toner removes additional dirt that may not have come off during cleansing and also should help to keep your skin balanced. It is very important that your toner is made for the type of skin that you have or it defeats the purpose of using it. Toners are also perfect during the day when your skin is feeling dry or oily; just apply with sponge or spray and be on your way.

What is a Vajatial? Like was all does it include?

Vajatial is a facial for your vagina. My process includes: cleanse, tone, steam, extractions, Mask , skin tightening treatment, skin lightening treatment and a toning serum. All in that order. The entire process takes 45min- 1 hour.

Do I need to exfoliate everyday or at all?

Exfoliate once a week unless you are having breakouts and in that case  2-3 times a week. 

Do I need to use moisturizer if I have oily skin? I don't think I do

Skin needs to maintain balance. Cleansing and toning take the dirt, oil, and debris off your skin and moisturizer rehydrates your skin. Your skin should always be well hydrated. PLEASE be sure the products you use are not taking too much oil out of your skin and that the products are formulated for OILY Skin. 

Tell me really what the difference is between those strand by strand and clusters. What should I get if I want them?



Strand by Strand:  One lash extension connected to one of your real lashes. These lashes last 3-5 weeks and come out with your natural lash cycle. My process takes about two hours and cost $175. 


Clusters: are applied to the lash line and come off once the glue wears off. They last 2-3 weeks. Sometimes your real lashes may come off with the cluster. My process takes about 20 min, and cost $35

What you get depends on how long you want them to last and how much you want to pay 

 What do I do about dry patches?

Exfoliate, Hydrate and Moisturize.

Use a                            to exfoliate the dead skin, a                                    to restore hydration and a                            to lock in and keep moisture.  

What about Cool Sculpting?

CoolSculpting is a form of body contour that involves freezing your fat cells. Once cells are frozen they begin to die. It is better to do 2- 4 sessions however depending on the amount of fat you are looking to eliminate you may only need more. It is a safe procedure. Each session is one hour.

My child has eczema and I do not want to buy prescription medication. What things can I use that wont become a chore?

Eczema is dry skin so 1st hydration and moisture...extreme moisture exfoliation is important so an oatmeal scrub would be of great use

followed by an                                         regimen should help unless the the problem is more severe in that case  find a good                                          . shea butter,lavender oil ,geranium oil, mango butter and carrot seed oil along with other essential oils are great for eczema .

Extreme Moisture
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