Know Your Beauty

Beauty is what we see everyday when we look in the mirror. Maintaining that beauty is what some of us delight in and others struggle with. In order to maintain or gain healthy skin you must know your skin. Knowing your skin and the differences from season to season and as you age are important. There are major changes for some and subtle changes for others. The first step is knowing your skin type.

Oily, Normal, Combination, and Dry, these are the basic types of skin. Your skin can also be dehydrated, yet oily and not necessarily dry. Drinking plenty of water and having a good gel mask can help your skin from being dehydrated. Dehydration is simply a lack of water, and usually appears flaky and thin.

When you have normal skin you should not have too many worries. Your skin may fluctuate from oily to dry or remain at a good oil - water balance. Is it still important to give your skin a good cleanse, tone and moisturize each day to keep it happy.

If you have oily skin you need to have a good astringent on your team. Astringents have a higher alcohol content to help combat excess oils, but be careful of too high of an alcohol content they can take away too much oil and the goal is to eliminate excessive oil not all oil.

Combination skin may be the most difficult to control. The different areas of your skin will require different attention and need to be balanced in order to effectively care for your skin. Use water based products and do not over exfoliate. Liquid exfoliates are your friend as they are not rough. Use steam to help your Beauty stay beautiful.

Dry Skin needs oil and may feel tight. Using a night cream or oil mixture at night to help moisturize is great for dry skin. Using a toner and NOT an astringent or freshener throughout the day will help maintain the moisture. Make sure that your cleanser moisturizes as it cleans.

Know your skin, love your skin, be good to your skin



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