Toning and Exfoliating

Toners, fresheners, tonics, astringents and exfoliants are sometimes forgot about during our daily routine but are an important step in helping to balance our skin. If you don't tone your skin everyday it will not rot away overnight, however toning it daily helps it to stay healthier longer.

Using liquid exfoliants removes the dead epidermal cells from your skin. Doing so helps your skin to get a deeper clean and make it softer and smoother for longer. Exfoliating also helps cleans your pores and make extracting easier. Oily and dry skin both benefit from exfoliating. There are three types of exfoliating, Liquid, Mechanical and chemical. Liquid exfoliating is a leave on solution that wipes away surface cells and works well with steam or hot towel treatments. Mechanical consists of physically rubbing off dead skin cells with granular scrubs. Chemical exfoliation dissolves dead skin cells and the desmosomes that hold them in place.

Astringents are the best thing to use for oily skin morning, night and throughout the day as needed. As Stated in my earlier blog you need to find the right Astringent for your skin. Make sure that the alcohol balance is right for the oil consistency in your skin. Using an astringent help maintain the oil - water balance and also with black and whiteheads.

Fresheners which are great for dry, mature, and sensitive skin have the lowest alcohol content. Fresheners hydrate and help restore the skin's pH.Like astringents and toners cleans excess debris and should be used daily. Toner is used best on normal and combination skin, and is has a tightening effect.

Know your skin, love your skin, be good to your skin


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