Hello dry skin beauties. Dry skin does not produce enough oil. Dry skin needs extra special care because it does not have the natural oil secretions that protect our skin from damage and aging. If you have dry skin it may feel rough at times. One of the first things we need to do to keep dry skin healthy to keep a healthy diet and drink plenty of water, Next Cleanse, tone, Moisturize. What we put into our bodies shows on the outside.

Cleanse using a cleansing cream or equivalent. Cleansing creams combine moisture agents that help give your skin the moisture boost it needs. Use an exfoliant, this will help relief your skin of rough dry patches and flakiness. Tone with a freshener to help get your natural pH back. Doing these things will tremendously help your skin look and feel better. You should take special care of dry skin and be consistency is extremely important. Missing a few days or a week could cause your skin to revert. These are not the only things you can do to help control the oil water balance. Masks are also beneficial in helping your skin

Use masks but not one that smells good. Use what is formulated for dry skin. There are so many ingredients and recipes for mask for dry skin. Please make sure you research and check the ingredients and formulas if possible. Some masks main ingredients are good for both dry and oil skin its the active ingredients that marks the line. Oatmeal for instance when used with egg, almond oil, honey and banana is a great mask or scrub for dry skin but when paired with baking soda and water is great for oily skin. Be sure to know what ingredients are good for your skin.

Finally a great moisturizer will need to be used day and night. Using an oil and butter mixture at night also helps to seal in the needed moisture. Use of a facial steamer while using a liquid exfoliant or mask, also using a gel mask with steam will hydrate and soften dry skin.

Know your Skin, Love your Skin, Be good to your skin


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