Mask are a great tool to help us nourish, hydrate, calm, soothe and rejuvenate the skin. They also help tighten, tone and brighten the skin. With the right ingredients a mask can even draw out impurities from the skin. Ingredients are key to a great mask. What you put in your mask determines what you get out of your skin.

You can use a setting mask which simply means the ingredients dry and provide a barrier on top of the skin. Clay masks are considered a type of setting mask. Bentonite, kaolin and silica are types of clay masks. These mask are good for pulling impurities from the skin, stimulating circulation and absorbing sebum(oil).

Algae and seaweed mask are also setting mask, they are generally used with a cream or serum applied to the skin first and then the mask is applied over the serum. These are good mask to moisturize the skin and help with lines and wrinkles and detox. Setting mask give the skin a deep clean.

Non Setting mask do no dry on your face, the product remains moist. Hydrating mask like avocado, yeast and gel are non setting, these are good for dry and dehydrated skin. Non setting mask nourish the skin. These mask are great for dry, mature and couperose skin. Non setting mask can be used once or twice a week depending on the need of your skin.

When choosing a mask check the ingredients and be sure that they are what your skin needs. Do your research and find the perfect fit for you. You do not have to find a complicated mask sometimes something simple is all you need.

Know your skin, Love your skin, Be good to your skin


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