No one likes Acne. It is annoying, complicated and sometimes makes us uncomfortable in our own skin. The most common causes of acne are Genetics, bacteria and triggers. When acne is properly treated, breakouts and skin concerns are at a minimum, but if not treated acne can cause major skin discoloration and blemishes.

Bacteria is caused by blockage do to sebum and dead skin cell buildup. Exfoliation will break down and remove those dead skin cells and help with excess sebum, also use products with benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. The peroxide will kill the bacteria and the acid will remove the extra cells. Use astringents and oil free cleansers and moisturizers. this should be done twice a day everyday in order to maintain healthy happy skin. You will find that somethings work better than others and that certain variation may work best for you. Finding the right mix and match is key. Ideally the first thing you may not work so don't get frustrated if you have to test out different combinations before you get it right. When you start a skin care regimen take a before picture and give it a solid month before you you try something new. When you find what works stick with it and get a balance of when to use more and when to use less of those particular products.

Sometimes we can not help what we inherit. Genetics are also a factor in why some of us have acne. Just like with the bacteria approach you must find what works for your skin. If your skin has excess oil genetically then you know to keep astringent wipes with your and use them throughout the day as needed to keep that excess oil out of your skin. DO NOT dry your skin out. Use what you need to balance the skin and nothing more.

Triggers can be difficult because they can be hormones, stress, cosmetics, products or food. You have to figure out which one it is or if it is a combination of two or more. Pay attention to your diet and what you put on and in your body. If you have changes to your skin after trying something new back off of it and if no matter what you do you always have acne, slowly change your routine and evaluate all the products you use. Make sure they are appropriate for oily skin. Slowly stop using things that could be the trigger for your acne. Pay attention to what your skin is telling you.

Know your skin, Love your skin, Be good to your skin


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