Hello Oily,

I wanted to give you a few things that can help you maintain balance in your skin

Tea Tree- antibacterial, anti-inflammatory,anti-viral, anti-fungal

Red Clay- absorbs excess oil/sebum, reduces irritation and redness, brightens and purifies- mix 1 tbsp with 1 teaspoon of liquid/rose water and apply

Rose water- Soothes irritation, reduces redness, helps prevent and treat infections

Oatmeal- acts as a buffer o help maintain skin PH, anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant, exfoliate, Cleansing

Lemon-anti-inflammatory,increases collagen, antioxidant, prevents free radicals

Unpasteurized Honey-(manuka honey)-antibacterial, antiseptic, humectant- use a thin layer as a mask and let sit for 10 min, rinse and moisturize

Refresher/Astringent- Helps

Oil absorbing cloths/pads- k


Use Water based products.

All Products MUST be formulated for oily skin!

Deeply cleanse the skin.

Use silicone facial sponge or Electric facial Scrubber

Products that have increased Vitamin C, Benzyl

Peroxide and Vitamin A are good for your skin type.

Sulfur mask are good to use on occasion especially if acne is present.

Use products that are NON-COMEDEGENIC,

These products are specially formulated so that they are not blocking pores.

Know your Skin, Love your Skin, Be good to your Skin

Basic Mask Recipe for oily skin

1 Tbsp finely ground Oatmeal

1 tea aloe

3 drops tea tree

Mix ingredients together and spread on face. Let sit for 20 min and remove with lukewarm water.

Follow with a refresher and then serum and moisturizer.

* double ingredients if needed and refrigerate remainder of mask in air tight container.

Know your skin, Love your skin be good to your skin

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