For oily skin, oatmeal will soak up excess oil and can be used as a gentle exfoliator.

Please do not over exfoliate or harshly exfoliate oily skin this will also be counter productive because you will remove too much oil and the skin will think it needs more.

Remember the goal is to balance. Making a mask made with ground oatmeal and rose water will help with irritation and inflammation as oatmeal is anti-inflammatory and an anti- irritant. Oatmeal does produce oil and this is where it can sometimes be confusing. Oily skin reacts to an oatmeal mask by thinking/realizing the skin has all the oil it needs and will not produce excess.

Eczema reacts to oatmeal by soaking up the oil that the oatmeal is graciously giving. Oatmeal will help with the irritation of itchy skin and the inflammation that comes with Eczema. Bathing in oatmeal on a regular basis with help combat the irritation and dryness that is associated with eczema. Using a lotion or cream that is made with oatmeal will also help your skin to produce the needed moisture.

Know your skin, Love your skin, be good to your skin


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