Going in to get a facial is a bonus for us all, however getting one facial a month will not mean much if you are not taking care of your skin at home on a daily basis. With skin, especially troubled skin; Being consistent is key. There are things that happen in a spa that you may not be able to do at home but you do have options.

Hot towels- Using a hot towel before a cleansing will open your pores and help give you a deep cleanse, if you have the time you can also put a hot towel over your mask while it sits on.

Steam- Use the steam from your shower or get a steamer for you to use at home. They make hand held steamers and desk/counter top ones as well. After you apply your mask let the steam open your pores and help the mask penetrate your skin more deeply.

Extractions- If you feel comfortable get an extraction tool to use at home, and find a great face scrub to help massage out the problems. A good way to get blackheads out is a deep clean followed by a hot towel and then a

scrub. Do a gentle scrub because you do not want to stress your skin out. Use your extractor after this process and black heads will come out easier.

Ice- For acne and oily skin using ice on your face after you wash, scrub but before you tone and apply moisture will help to calm your skin. Just like with the steam it gives you a better at home facial.

Facial Brush- Use a facial brush with your cleanser to really get a deep clean. They are safe to use everyday as long as you are using the right bristles for your skin. (This should not be painful, if it is use a softer brush). Be sure to deep clean your brushes after every use.

Mask- Buy a mask or make a mask and use it as needed at home.

Apply your mask

Let sit 10-30 min

Rinse with lukewarm water

Use Serum if you have it


Keep in mind there are just a few basic things that can be done. It is important to pay attention to your skin and what is is saying to you

Know your skin, Love your skin, Be good to your skin.


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